Tasty Tzatziki

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HNN by Sarah

Eating healthy can be really expensive – I get it! It’s true; only today I spent some time roaming around the health section in a supermarket and purchased just a handful of items (literally just one shopping bag’s worth of food) for around Euro 60.

Ridiculous right? However, you don’t need a bunch of super foods to eat healthy. Do I enjoy trying out different things? Yes. Do I prefer purchasing organic? Yes. Do I always eat/buy organic? NO! Why? Because it’s too expensive and too limiting.

What I do, is buy good ingredients and make whatever I can myself; this tzatziki recipe for example, takes around 5 minutes to make and is so much cheaper than buying it ready made. Now, I know time is an issue for most people, myself included, but having some really simple go-to snack recipes in your arsenal is so helpful in trying to…

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