Vichyssoise (leek and potato soup)

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Brrr, it’s suddenly really really cold. A good excuse to make some soup, the perfect comforting winter warmer lunch option …

In my eyes, Vichyssoise is a French classic, although I understand there is some debate over whether it is French or American in origin. It is normally served cold but January isn’t really the season for cold soups and it’s also divine served hot. The classic recipe calls for plenty of butter and a ‘vat’ of cream, but I guarantee you won’t even notice that these ingredients are missing. You really don’t need them. The softly cooked leeks and potato give a natural luxurious velvety smoothness so why add butter or cream? Plus, who wouldn’t love a fantastic flavoured soup with just 4 ingredients as its base? It really is one to file under ‘simple’.


You’ll notice the different colours in the photos, the greener soup has some of…

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Mixed Mushroom & Tofu Soup

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This post is actually connected to the last one (egg stuffed mushroom).

Egg Stuffed Mushroom

Because I Scratched off the black gills of portoballo mushroom. Didn’t want to throw them away. So I came up with this soup.

  1. heat a pan. Saute 1 chopped garlic.
  2. add in black gills. The whole kitchen will smell great.
  3. add in shiitake mushroom slices. Stir fry a bit.
  4. pour in 1 cup stock. Also add in brown mushroom. Bring to boil then turn to low heat and simmer for 5 mins.
  5. cut in tofu cubes. Simmer for  another 5-8 mins.
  6. season with salt and garnish with chopped spring onion.

Very easy and nice soup.

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